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Winning Edge utilizes our experience and current research in the fields of sport psychology and positive psychology to educate and motivate our athletes. We create athletes who possess personal balance, confidence, consistency, and the knowledge to achieve their goals. We recognize that success comes from understanding and mastering your thoughts, emotions, energy, and focus. Our programs produce competitive athletes who respond to competitive pressure with confidence, poise, and consistency.

At Winning Edge we recognize that understanding athletes, understanding competition and developing trust are key elements that facilitate the partnership between an athlete and his/her sports psychologist. Our training and experience provides us with the perfect set of skills to understand an athletes needs and provide you with the mental skills training that fits your individual needs. At Winning Edge, we tailor skills and techniques that fit your unique competitive style and needs.

Services for Individual Athletes:

◊ Focus skills
◊ Confidence and mental toughness skills
◊ Goal setting for success
◊ Positive thought techniques
◊ Effective communication skills
◊ Recovery from injury
◊ Eliminate self doubt
◊ Anxiety/energy management skills
◊ Imagery/visualization skills
◊ Pre-competition planning
◊ Motivation and consistency skills
◊ Learn to deal with mistakes
◊ Career transition from sport
◊ Counter perfectionism

Services for Teams, Coaches, Athletic Departments, and Organizations:

◊ Team leadership and development
◊ Building positive team communication
◊ Individual goal setting and motivation
◊ Team pre-competition plans
◊ Guided imagery/visualization
◊ Positive parenting workshops
◊ Understanding child development in sport workshops
◊ Integrating the freshman athlete
◊ Team goal setting and team credo
◊ Effective recovery from injury
◊ Team confidence
◊ Coaching skills workshops
◊ Career Transition for athletes

Services for the Executive:

◊ Team leadership and development
◊ Goal setting for improved consistency and success in sport and business
◊ We help you develop visualization/imagery and relaxation skills to improve concentration and emotional balance.
◊ We utilize personality assessment to increase personal knowledge and understanding.
◊ We teach positive thought skills, communication skills, confidence building, and mental toughness skills to improve your effectiveness.
◊ We offer mental skills to improve your corporate golf and tennis game.

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