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Winning Edge Psychological Services was founded by licensed psychologist Joe Lenac. Joe’s background includes training in clinical psychology as well as sport psychology. His training in both clinical and sport psychology provides Joe with the flexibility to understand not just sport psychology issues but personality and mental health issues as well. Because of this unique blend of training and experience Joe is frequently consulted by the media (television, radio, newspapers and magazines) to discuss and comment on sport psychology, sporting and personality related news. Joe is also a frequent speaker for teams, clubs, and athletic departments in the area of sport psychology.

Presentations and Public Speaking:

Joe’s presentations are tailored to the specific sport, age level, competitive level, and audience (athletes, coaches, parents, etc). His presentations focus on tangible skills that the athlete, coach, or parent can immediately learn and start using that day. Presentations provide Joe with the ability to introduce large numbers of athletes and coaches to sport psychology principles.

Contacting Us:

To arrange for a presentation please utilize our contact page; please fill in all fields and the type of presentation you are interested in. Our media page contains links to some of our past media spots as well as a listing of some of the clubs and teams we have worked with.

For Media Only:

If you have need to quickly contact Joe for a spot today please call 314-229-7361.

Recent Media links:

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