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What exactly does a sports psychologist help with?

This is the most common question we receive. Many athletes and coaches know they want help with their mental "game", but are not exactly sure what they need. At Winning Edge we teach specific mental skills to improve performance. The mental skills of sport psychology are the secrets that many elite and professional athletes rely upon daily. Mental skills training has developed through years of research and provide the athlete with tangible, concrete tools he or she can practice and implement.

What are some of the reasons that athletes seek sports psychology?

This is the second most common question we hear. Athletes have many different reasons for seeking out a sports psychologist. The most common areas of referral are: anxiety, depression, recovery from injury, transition to a new competitive level (college, professional), confidence and mental toughness, learning how to relax, learning to manage and control emotions, anger and perfectionism, learning how to cope with setbacks, not achieving their chosen goals, improving focus, and career transition from sport.

How often do I meet with you?

This question is challenging to answer because each athlete is unique and has different needs. We suggest six to eight sessions which allow us to get to know each other, discuss your frustrations, and tailor a program specific to you. We often work with athletes for several months as well as years. Many of our athletes come in for six to eight sessions, and then return for regular "tune ups" and "refreshers" as they continue through their career. We also work with athletes over years, as they progress into a collegiate career, the minor leagues, majors, and finally as they retire from sport.

Can I partner with you if I do not live in St. Louis or Vail?

Yes, we regularly work with athletes who live across the country. Telephone sessions, use of video phone services, and email help us communicate and implement your unique sports psychology plan.

Do you communicate with coaches?

Yes, we regularly communicate with coaches. However, coach communication is at the athlete's discretion. If the athlete would like us to coordinate with his or her coach, we have the athlete (and parent if necessary) sign a specific release form which allows us to communicate.

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